Is there a connection between money and love

Is there a connection between money and loveNot long ago someone told me that love is based on money. Today we are going to talk about love and money.

As the saying goes: money makes the mare go. Money can make the world go round, but money doesn't make true love. As bacon said, "you can buy love with money, and the others can buy it out with money."

Love is a word of gold. But if you use a calculator to calculate the value of love, love is worthless. Because true love is priceless, valuable love is false. The arrow of love made by money does not strike the heart of a lover. The balance of money is added to the balance of love, and the balance of happiness is lost.

Someone may think that love and money have no necessary connection. "Love and death are the same," said Cervantes. "no matter the imperial court or the cottage of the herdsman, it can break in." If there is more money and more love, then there is little love or no love in thatched cottage?In fact, there is not only love in the hut, but also true love, often more than in the hall of love.

Although the value of love is priceless, although the charm of love is infinite, it does not mean excluding the meaning and function of money in real life. Of course, if you're already rich, or if you're a quite rich single elite, or if you're a millionaire, these problems will be solved. If you live without money, you can't live without money, and you can't talk about love. The problem is that money belongs to the material world and love belongs to the spiritual world. If a person's love view is: love money not love, then he actually stay in the material world, have not entered the spiritual world. "Your love has made me rich," he wrote in a love poem to barrette. "I will not surrender to the use of the throne." This is the poet's deep sense of love and freedom of heart. On the contrary, some people do not say "the emperor", even if a few rooms of the house, ten thousand yuan deposit, is enough to make it fall.

In general, money is an outlive, an accessory of man, and its power is limited. And love is the basic form of human life movement and the basic characteristic of vitality. It is governed by the laws of the universe, so its magic is infinite. Just like a weak grass, even if it weighs a thousand pounds of heavy stone, it will do everything possible to get out of the side. See the irresistible nature of life movement.

In today's commodity economy, even if "money can make the mare go", it is still necessary to keep in mind that money can never replace love!

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