How to Fraud Prevention on a Rich Men Dating Site

How to Fraud Prevention on a Rich Men Dating SiteWith the development of the Internet, dating websites are becoming more and more popular. But the swindlers also came into being more and more, more and more arrogant. Online dating, women will often encounter some personal condition looks good, work is very good, decent income, age is not old, a lot of people will doubt, such people how still didn't get married? If you are in contact with each other, how can you quickly tell if he is sincere or a liar? Here's how to fraud prevention on a rich single men dating website.

    For the male crook, the motive is nothing more than to cheat the money, first talk about the money.

    Swindlers usually pack their own scenery, such as bosses, returnees, soldiers, educated gentlemen, etc. And they will sign up on different dating sites, and they are just beginning to talk sweet and thoughtful. When you have a deep heart, you start to see things like car accidents, business investments and other reasons to borrow money from you. If you're too embarrassed to say no, you're screwed. Imagine without you if he couldn't live life? If the recruitment unit asks the applicant to pay money that must be a fraud, love is no exception. Hold this principle and you won't lose your property, and people who fall in love will not easily borrow money from each other.

    Say again cheat, an emotional liar is no time to be romantic with you, and he would not tell the true identity and home address and other details , because cheating after he is going to give himself a retreat. When you asked to see more of his credentials, he was avoiding or not being honest enough. There must be a problem. A cheater is not as reserved as someone who is really in love, and a person who is almost always in contact with you, asking for a meeting or a room, wants to make a quick decision. A person who really likes you is a person who knows how to respect you. If you don't know who he is, you won't have a problem if you do the following:

  • 1) Ask for a phone call from his family and often greet his parents. It shows that you are polite and more important to prove that he has a wife in his family or not.
  • 2) When you meet, choose a public place, such as McDonald's or KFC. Don't be too remote, and in the daytime. Do not drink, tell your friends what do you do to prevent fraud before dating.
  • 3) Ask to see his company, which can identify if he is really rich. If he doesn't have a ghost in his heart and likes you, he must be willing to accept you.
  • In a word, don't be too hasty, and don't pay too much money, even if you want to find a real rich man on a rich dating site. Or you will be seduced by a liar.

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